Health schemes


Cattle health schemes are regulated by Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS). 

This organisation is established to help control and eradicate a number of diseases. Applications and testing are conducted by different labs, such as Biobest and Scotland’s Rural College (SAC Consulting). These schemes will help improve the health and welfare of the animals and the certification can be an important way for buyers and sellers to ensure animals are disease free for trade.

CHeCS can cover up to five diseases: BVD, Johne’s disease, IBR, Leptospirosis and Neosporosis. Together with testing, biosecurity is also an important part of the scheme and will be assessed together with your vet. Management and testing rules & frequency are dependent on the disease you’re testing and your individual situation. Biobest offers the HiHealth Herdcare scheme and SAC offers the Premium Cattle Health Scheme.

SAC offer the Premium Sheep & Goat Health Schemes for small ruminants. This can cover the following diseases: Maedi Visna (MV), Caprine Artritis Encephalitis (CAE), Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE), Scrapie, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA) and Johne’s disease. Again biosecurity will be assessed with your vet and the rules are dependent on the disease and your situation.

A separate scheme for BVD is BVD Free England which is working towards eradicating BVD in England. The scheme is building up a national database on which the BVD status of herds and animals can be found. Members of CHeCS can use the same data to be uploaded to the database.


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